Tasks in the main navigation

Tasks section is the place where you can find the list of all the tasks assigned to you or you can create filters to get a list of overdue, closed or your co-workers tasks.

This is also where you can quickly create new task without switching to Projects.

Go to Tasks in the main navigation. You’ll notice there’s a “+” button that opens a form for adding a new task.

Type in a project name you’re adding tasks to…

… and the rest is the same just as it is when you add tasks in the Project section.

Add tasks directly to Task lists

Hover over a project name and you’ll see a small “+” buttons appear. You can add new tasks to a project or a task list directly. This is even faster because you’ll skip selecting a project from the dropdown menu.

You can also create and assign tasks to people quickly without going into a task. All you have to do is @mention somebody while putting in the name of the task.

Do you have a widget with open tasks on your Dashboard? Look for a “+” button next to a project name and add tasks there as well.

Global calendar view

There is a calendar view in the Tasks section. Switch from the list view to calendar view...

… and see all of your tasks for a particular month.

You can also see your coworker’s calendar. Pop open the Filters drawer on the left. Create a new filter if you don’t have one already and your coworker’s tasks will be shown in calendar.

And one other thing - you can quickly add new tasks using the calendar view as well. Hover over a date and look for a “+” button.

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