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Custom Fields: Bookings

Learn how to add custom fields to bookings in Resourcing.

Updated over a week ago

Custom fields allow you to create and use specific booking classifications unavailable by default in Productive.

This allows you to filter your bookings by the custom fields and later pull reports based on the custom field data.

  1. To use custom fields in Resourcing, you must first create a custom field for Bookings in Settings. Here's more on adding custom fields.

  2. Once the custom field is created, you can add a new booking in Resourcing and add the additional booking information through the custom field.

Use Case: Start Date Flexibility
When scheduling a tentative, deal, service, or time-off booking, you may need flexibility if the start dates aren't finalized.

In that case, add a custom field in Bookings to denote how definite the start date is or how probable the booking is.

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