Booking Custom Fields

Learn how to add Custom Fields to bookings in Scheduling

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Custom Fields allow you to create and use a specific classification that is not available by default in Productive. You can use Custom Fields to add your own classifications, and then filter, and sort the bookings in Scheduling accordingly.

To book Custom Fields in Scheduling, you must first create a Custom Field for Bookings in Settings. The process is explained in this article.

Once the Custom Field is created, you can create a new booking in Scheduling and assign it to a service.

💡Only after you create a new booking, you can add a Custom Field for bookings once you click on it.

This way you can better organize your scheduling and record it according to your specific classification.

This option also allows you to filter all the bookings by the Custom Fields you have set up for bookings and check which bookings have or do not have a particular Custom Field.
The bookings that do not have a certain Custom Field will be grayed out, and the ones with the Custom Field will be highlighted.

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