To add people to a Team, you will first need to set up teams via Settings - Teams:

๐Ÿ’ก Due to security reasons, only Admins can manage teams (add and remove members, create and delete teams).

Creating Teams and Adding Members

To create a team, select +Create team and give it a name:

To add members to a team, click on a team and select +Add member

To see the list of teams to which a person is added, click on the following icon in the person overview:

Sharing options

At the moment, only sharing Dashboards with a Team is supported, which is a Premium feature.

With future updates, Sharing options will be added to projects and other objects in the app:

A Dashboard, in this example, can be shared with a person or a Team:

After selecting the Team, you will need to select a permission level for that team:

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