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Sharing Views from the Tasks Screen
Sharing Views from the Tasks Screen

Share your Views with the Employees group, your teams, or individual users with "Can view" or "Full access" levels.

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Views sharing is available in the Professional and Ultimate plans.

Productive's view sharing is great for team collaboration and transparency. It helps users to share specific views from the Tasks screen with colleagues, teams, or individuals, thereby improving communication and work efficiency.

To learn more about how to use this feature, check out the guide below!

Screen Access

Views sharing is limited to views on the Tasks screen; views on the Projects screen remain either private or public.

Sharing Options

Any user, regardless of their permission set, can share a view by:

1) Selecting the view they want to share from their views dropdown
2) Navigating to the three-dot menu of the desired view
3) Selecting "Sharing options"

Views can be shared with the Employees group (all employees), a team, or an individual.

Tip: Don't spam! When sharing the view with the Employees group, be careful, as all account members will receive the shared view in their views dropdown.

When sharing a view in Productive, you can choose between two access levels: "Can view" and "Full access."

  • "Can view" allows users to see the shared view but not make changes to it.

  • "Full access" grants users the ability to rename the view, modify its layout, and share it with others, similar to the view's creator.

Making Changes to Shared Views

When you share a view with someone and give them full access, they will be able to make changes to it, and any changes they save will also affect the original view.

The person making the changes will get a heads-up about this beforehand, so they can decide whether to save the changes for everyone or just save the new view as private by choosing the "Save as" option.

This way, everyone can manage their views without accidentally changing others' settings.

On the other hand, if the user has view-only access, they will be able to make changes to the view but will be unable to save the changes for everyone.

If they do wish to save any changes, they will be prompted to save the view using the "Save as" option, making the new view private to them.

Default (System) Views Sharing

Note that predefined views like "My open tasks" or "My overdue tasks" that are available as your default Task views cannot be shared initially (you'll notice that there's no sharing icon available there).

However, you can still share them by:

  • duplicating the view and saving it as a new one, and sharing it,

  • or by modifying the view, saving it, and then sharing it.


Users added to shared views will receive in-app and email notifications (customizable in Settings > Notifications > Sharing).

Note: The notifications will be sent to both individually added users and those added via teams. An exception is the Employees group, where members won't receive notifications to avoid spamming, similar to how it functions in Docs and Dashboards.

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