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Timesheet view on My Time
Timesheet view on My Time

Switch to Week view to see your time entries at a glance

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To see your time entries from the whole week in one place, you can switch to Timesheet view:

Your projects and their respective services are listed on the left, while the time entries recorded on those services are on the right.

Click on Add Project to add a project and a service to track time to:

In the header of each day, you'll see the sum of time entries for that day, and the total for the week:

To add a time entry, click on the the project and the day you want to record the entry:

Notice the popover that has appeared; you can assign that time entry to a task or add a note.

To edit a time entry, just click on it:

If you click on the Expand... can add another time entry to the previously recorded one:


Turn on the suggestions (Pinned, Scheduled and Recent) to see your projects in various categories. Click on one of the suggestions to turn it on.

Pinned: Show you projects that you have pinned to the view, meaning that this project will show up on Week view all the time. To pin a project, Click on Pinned first and then hover next to the project name to pin it.

Scheduled: This view will show you all the project you were Scheduled to:

Recent: This view will show you all the project you've tracked time last week:

Note that you can turn the suggestions on and off in any order you like - just click on the ones you want to have active.

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