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Understanding Profitability Manager Permissions
Understanding Profitability Manager Permissions

Learn more about the Profitability Manager permission set and how it differs from the Manager.

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Productive offers several system permission sets with varying levels of access, which you can assign to different employees within your organization.
One of these sets is the Profitability Manager permission, designed for roles higher in the hierarchy compared to regular Managers.

This permission set grants access to two key metrics that regular Managers do not have:

  1. Organization-wide Profit

    Provides visibility into the overall profit of the organization.

  2. Profit and Revenue on Budgets

    Shows detailed profitability and revenue data related to budgets.

It's important to note that Profitability Managers still do not have access to cost rates or overall organizational settings.

To illustrate the differences, let's compare how budget information appears to a Manager versus a Profitability Manager in Productive.

Manager's View

  • Time Section:
    Budgeted, and billable time, including the remaining time.

  • Budget section:
    Total, used, and remaining budget amounts.

  • Invoicing section:
    Total, invoiced, and the remaining amount to be invoiced.

Profitability Manager's View

Two distinct tabs are available: Budgeting and Profitability.

1) The Budgeting tab contains information available to Managers.

2) The Profitability tab, exclusive to Profitability Managers and higher roles, presents a specialized set of data:

  • Time Section:
    Displays all time spent on the project, including non-billable hours.

  • Profit Section:
    Highlights the project's profitability.

  • Invoicing Section:
    Shows invoicing details, consistent with the invoicing information in the Budgeting overview.

This differentiation allows Profitability Managers to delve deeper into project profitability metrics beyond what is visible to standard Managers.

Restricted Profitability Managers

When assigning the Profitability Manager permission to a user, you'll find another option available: that of a Restricted-Access Profitability Manager.

Restricted Profitability Managers have similar oversight capabilities as unrestricted ones. They can monitor projects and deals, and access pertinent financial data, while they are unable to view cost rates or make changes to organization-level settings.

However, their access is limited to deals and projects where they are specifically designated as members. Learn more about how to share access to budgets and deals here.

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