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Sharing Options on Budgets

Learn to share budgets with your team and ensure you're always informed about budget activities with watch notifications.

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In the top right corner of the budget screen, there are two key options to help you manage your budgets:

  1. Watch or Unwatch a Budget

  2. Share a Budget

Sharing Budgets

Sharing budgets allows you to grant access to specific team members or entire teams, enabling them to track time and expenses against services in the budget. Here’s how to share a budget:

  1. Access Sharing Options

    Click on the sharing icon in the upper-right corner of the budget screen.

  2. Select Team Members or Teams
    Choose specific users, teams or groups to share the budget with. Learn more about Productive's Teams here.

    To remove a user or team from the budget's sharing options, click the bin icon on the right.

  3. Permissions
    Shared team members can track time, log expenses and be booked for services within the budget in Resourcing.

    You can see the full list of individual users added to the budget by clicking on the "Who can track time and expenses" option in the sharing window.

Tip: If you cannot see a budget when trying to track time in My time or via the Timer, you might need to be added to the budget.

For other reasons, check out this article on tracking time against a budget.

Dynamic Groups of People Added to the Budget by Default

Users with Access to All Budgets

This dynamic group cannot be removed from the budget's sharing options and serves as a note, letting you know that users with sufficient permissions like Admins, Managers (unrestricted), or Profitability Managers (unrestricted) will have access to this budget due to their viewing permissions.

Project Members

These are the users who have access to the project the budget belongs to. Sometimes, you might want to keep these two separate. This group can be manually removed by selecting the bin icon to the right, allowing you to add selected individuals.

Watching Budgets

Watching a budget ensures you receive all notifications related to that budget, keeping you updated on any changes or activities. Here’s how to watch or unwatch a budget:

  1. Watch a Budget

    Click the eye icon in the upper-right corner. If the icon is not crossed out, you are watching the budget and will receive notifications.

  2. Unwatch a Budget
    Click the eye icon again to unwatch the budget. The icon will be crossed out. Note that budget owners cannot unwatch the budget.

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