When you try to track time against a specific budget, it may not come up as an option. Alternatively, you may come across a message like this:

There are a few possible reasons why this has happened:

  • The budget date range does not cover your desired date

  • The user does not have a cost rate for that date

  • The budget has been delivered

  • The budget has no services

  • Time tracking against the services has been disabled

  • Time tracking is restricted only to assigned services or service types

The budget date range

To check the budget's date range, head to that budget and check this field:

The first date is the start date, and the second date is the end date. If your desired time tracking date is outside that range, you won't be able to track time against this budget.

Missing cost rate

In order for a person to track time, they need to have a cost rate defined. Head to Settings - Users. Find the person in question and define the cost rate here:

Be mindful of the cost rate's date range!

Open vs delivered budgets

Time can only be tracked against open budgets. Check that the budget you are working with is open. If it is not, you will have to reopen it:

No services on the budget

If the budget has no services, you will not be able to track any time against it. Add a service to track time against the budget:

Disabled tracking against services

The budget has service types associated with it, but time tracking against them has been disabled. Click on the Edit icon first.

Then, click on the highlighted icon to enable time tracking:

And make sure you save the changes!

Restricting services and service types (BETA)

The beta feature of restricting services and/or service types may also prevent you from tracking time against certain services. You can read more about restricting services or service types here.

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