Productive has a standard set of roles with different permissions which you can assign to various employees in your organization.

To be even more specific, now you can add the role of Profitability Manager, a person who is a bit higher in the hierarchy than the Manager. What does that mean?

Compared to Managers, Profitability Managers can see two key metrics:

  • Profit of the whole organization

  • Profits and revenue on budgets

Profitability Mangers still can't see cost rates and overall organizational settings.

As a side to side comparison, let's take a look at how a budget would look like to a manager in Productive:

They can see the total and remaining budget amount, worked time, billable time, and how much is left to invoice. 

Now let's see how the same budget would look to a Profitability Manager:

Notice that this view includes Revenue and Current Profit

To assign a Profitability Manager role to a person, follow the steps to change permissions

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