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Connect Jira To Projects in Productive
Connect Jira To Projects in Productive
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Using Jira integration, you can connect projects in Jira with projects in Productive. This allows you to track time in Jira, which will then be reflected in the Time section in Productive. 

Start by opening the project in Jira you’re working on. Click on the Track time option for the initial setup. Add the project in Productive you want to track time on from the drop down menu. Click Connect to confirm the project. NOTE: This can be done only by the role of Administator in Productive.



How To Track Time On Jira Projects in Productive

After you’ve connected Productive to Jira, you have to set it up with projects you will work on. Start by opening a project in Jira and select the issue you want to track time on. Open the issue and you’ll see the time tracking widget.       

Next, select the budget you are working on. The name of the budget will appear along with the logo of the client. Under the name, you’ll see a list of services you can track time against. Select the service you are working on, and add a description (optional).

If you want to start the timer, just hit Start. For manual time entries, add the desired time entry and click Save.

In both instances, the time entry will be copied to Productive. Time entries recorded in Jira follow the rules you have set in Productive: i.e., if you use time approvals, you will have to approve the time entry first to take effect.

After the time entry has been approved (if using it), it will appear automatically in the budget. 

NOTE: You can manually adjust worked time vs. billable time in Jira when clicking on the timesheet:

This is how it will look in Productive:

If you’re using the Time on tasks add-on, you can assign time on one task directly from Jira. Just click on the name of the service and click on the Assign to task button. 

Have in mind that edits of time entries have to be done in Jira, but they will be visible in Productive. On the other hand, if you edit a time entry in Productive, the change will not be reflected in Jira.

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