Approving Time

If time approvals are on, time can be approved from the Approvals tab by their corresponding budget owners.

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To approve time entries, navigate to Approvals and select Time. If you're looking at the time entries in a budget, you can also approve them there. Note that this screen does not include time tracked for today.

Approve all time entries for a particular day at once.

Approve all the time entries for a particular budget at once.

Approve time entries one by one.

Edit time entries

If you want to change something in the time entry, go to the menu and select the Edit option.

There are a few things you could change - a date, a service, a description, or billable hours.

What are billable hours?

Billable hours are hours that your client is paying for. Worked hours are hours you spent working on something.

There are situations where you don't want to charge all the worked hours to a client - maybe you were doing research or spent hours brainstorming with your team and this is not something your client will pay for.

You can delete a time entry if you go to the menu and select the Delete option.

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