Bulk Edit or Move Time Entries
Edit many time entries at once by using the bulk edit option. Change billable time in bulk or move time to different service easily.
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If you want to make changes to many time entries at once, you can do that on any Time entries screen in your Productive account. 

In the example below, we are editing time entries on budget level. 

First things first, click on the checkbox on any individual time entry, to open up the multiple-select option. 

As soon as you select any time entry, a black footer will pop up. There are four options to choose from:

  • Project - move time entries to a different project

  • Service - this will allow you to move all selected time entries to a different service on the same budget

  • Person - move time entries to a different person on that project

  • Billable time - change the billable amount for many time entries at once

There's also a fourth option, hidden under the "3 dots" on the right side of the footer. This will open up the delete functionality, which will allow you to delete all selected time entries. 

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