Step 1: Setting up an account

To start using Productive you need to sign-up for a 30 day free trial.

Another way is to get invitation from another user in which case you'll get an e-mail for creating an account yourself.

Step 2: Set up your password

Go to and login with you email and password.

(Now, take a few minutes and put down important information about your company. We strongly suggest that you do not skip the next three steps.

To be able to use Productive to its full potential, you need to add some information about your organization - the currency you will use, your monthly overhead, the services you offer to your clients, the cost of your employees, who are your employees, etc.)

Step 3: Organization settings

Select “Currency and invoicing” and set currency settings for your organization.

Select “Cost overhead” and enter you initial “Facility cost”.

Select “Service types” and add few service types (e.g. Design, Development, Account management, etc..).

Select “Deal statuses” and add few sales pipeline statuses (e.g. Leads, Opportunities, Awaiting client feedback…).

Step 4: Add your cost rate

Click on your avatar icon again and select “My profile”.

When you profile is opened, select the “Cost rate” tab.

Add your cost rate.

Step 5: Invite your employees

Click on the “Contacts” in the main menu and “Add person button” (big red button on the right).

Select “Add a new user”.

Select “Employee”.

Fill the data and click “Invite”.

When the new user profile shows up open the “Cost rate” tab and add the cost rate the same way as before.

Open the user “Actions” menu (the “...” button in the right of the screen) and select “Edit permissions.

Set the user’s “Role in your company”.

Need help?

Let us know if you need help with setting up your account. Send us a message through the built-in messenger in the bottom right of the screen or e-mail us at

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