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Archiving and Restoring Client Companies
Archiving and Restoring Client Companies

Learn how to archive and restore companies in Productive.

Updated over a week ago

Once a company is created in Productive, it cannot be fully deleted due to its links to various financial, project management, and Resourcing aspects.

However, you can archive it to make the company inactive, meaning you won’t be able to open new budgets or create new deals for that client company.

To archive a company, click the three-dot menu in the upper right corner of the screen and select "Archive company". This allows you to retain all company information without actively using it.

Alternatively, in CRM > Companies, tick the box next to the company or companies you need to archive and select "Archive".

Tip: To keep your company list organized, go to CRM > Companies, add a Status = Active filter, and save the view for easy access to only active companies.

To restore an archived company, open the three-dot menu and select "Restore company". You might need to employ the Status = Archived filter to locate your archived companies.

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