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Actions in Automations
Actions in Automations

Set up an Action that will take place once your Automation is triggered

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After you have added a Trigger (mandatory) and a Condition (optional), you can move on to the Action, which is the last step of the Automation setup.

Select Action in the Next step form and click Apply:

You will find four types of Actions which you can choose for your Automation:

  1. Send Slack message - once triggered, the Automation will send a message to one of your Slack channels. For this to work, you need to set up an integration with Slack first.

  2. Create comment - this action allows the user to create a comment ONLY on the Target defined in the Trigger step (Task, Deal or Budget).

  3. Create task - this action will create a new Task.

  4. Update task - this action will update Target task

ℹ️ Update task Action will appear as an option only when there is a previously defined linking step where a Target is a Task, so a Trigger step that is linked to a Task or a Create Task Action step is required for the Update task to appear as an option for the Action.


Also, if the user selects an attribute to update and leaves that field blank, this will effectively remove the entered value from the Task (eg. if you choose to update Assignee and leave the Assignee field empty, the Assignee will be removed). The same goes for all other fields that don't have a default value (Description and Subscribers).

Select an action and proceed with filling in the form. Here is an example of the Create task form:

ℹ️ You can have more than one Action per Automation.

You can also mention some of the attributes from the previous steps:

❗ Find out more about Attribute mentioning on Automations here.

Save Action by clicking on the Save action button in the lower right corner:

This is the last step in the process - your Automation has been successfully created and you can now go ahead and Save & Publish it 🙌

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