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Triggers in Automations
Triggers in Automations

Learn how to define a Trigger for your Automations

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When creating a new Automation, an empty Trigger step is visible by default since a trigger is a starting point and it must be defined before you can continue adding Conditions and Actions.

By clicking on the Trigger field, a flyout menu will open on the right side with two forms - Type (Target) and Event:

In the first form, you will have to define a Target for a Trigger. A Target can be:

  • Task

  • Deal

  • Budget

After you have defined a Target, you can select one of the Events for the selected Target which will activate a Trigger.

There are four types of Events:

  • Create - “When someone creates a Task/Deal/Budget…”

  • Update - “When someone updates a Task/Deal/Budget…”

  • Delete - “When someone deletes a Task/Deal/Budget…”

  • Comment - “When someone comments on a Task/Deal/Budget…”

An Event can be defined in this section:

ℹ️ If you choose a Task for a Target, you will have to choose a Project as well. Productive will then observe Events on the Tasks from the selected project and trigger an Automation accordingly.

By defining a Target and an Event, your Trigger is successfully created! Save your changes by clicking Apply in the lower right corner of the menu and proceed with creating a Condition.

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