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Custom Invoicing Settings
Custom Invoicing Settings

Set a custom address for sending invoices and remove Productive branding from emails

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To customize the way your invoices are sent from Productive, go to Settings and select Invoicing:

Email Format

Select the way the email will be presented to your customers - choose between plain text and HTML:

You can also remove the Productive logo from emails by toggling the switch Remove Productive Branding.

Custom Sending Email Address

By default, the person who clicks on "Send Invoice" in Productive will be displayed as a sender. However, the email from which the invoice is sent will be,

To add your custom email for sending invoices, use the in-app chat and let us know what domain you'd like to use. The email domain from which the invoice is sent will be @outbox.custom.Domain.

Why does the custom domain have a subdomain outbox in front of the domain?

  • To achieve greater reliability in the delivery of emails

  • To avoid emails ending up in the spam folder

  • To avoid emails being rejected by the recipient's server

  • To avoid emails ending up on some blacklists

  • To avoid emails being displayed with a warning that is suspicious

Once it has been configured, you'll be able to send invoices from your custom address:

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