This integration will allow you to sync time off categories and time off periods from Factorial with Productive. Note that this integration requires a Premium subscription.

Integration Setup

To set up the integration, go to Settings > App marketplace:

Locate Factorial, and click on Connect app:

Sync Factorial time off periods

First, an important thing to note is that only approved time off periods are synced. Time off, as called in Factorial, is synced to Productive as time off periods

Each time off period is synced with the following information:

  • period

  • type of absence

  • note

Default time off categories in Factorial and Productive time off categories







Sick leave


Compassionate leave


Parental leave


Every time off type created in Factorial (which is not a default time off type) will be shown as a "custom" time off type in Productive.
You can edit those names in Productive afterward.

💡 For both time off categories and time off periods, the sync is done once the integration is set up. After that, the sync interval is 1 hour.

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