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Half-day Time Off

Manage or request half-day time offs in a company.

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If employees in your company have the option of taking half of their day off, here’s how you can handle this entire process in Productive.

Note that setting time-off categories is only available for the admins or users with custom Time-off entitlements permissions in Productive.

For more information on creating time-off categories (entitlements), check out this article.

1) Create a half-day time-off category (entitlement)

Step One

Head over to Settings > Time off and add a new time-off category by clicking on + Add time off category.

Step Two

Choose days as the allocation period and enable the "Allow half-day bookings" option.

In short, this option allows Productive to calculate 50% of a person's working hours defined in their cost rates and book their time off accordingly through Resourcing.

Then you can proceed and add a description for the category and decide if you want to sync your time-off status with Slack and your external calendars.

After you set everything up, hit "Save category" and you'll be good to go!

2) Important: Add time-off categories (entitlements) to your employees.

After you set up your time-off category, assign it to the teammates who need to use them.

Important to note: Without assigning the entitlements (time-off categories) to your teammates, they won't be able to see them when requesting time off, nor can they be booked for half-days off in Resourcing.

3) Requesting time off

This is what requesting half-days off looks like in Resourcing:

This is what it looks like for the user requesting the half-day off through Time > Book time off:

Pro tip: You can also book half-days off if you create time-off categories (entitlements) with hours as the time allocation metric.

This is how to set it up in Settings > Time off:

This is how booking someone for this time-off category looks in Resourcing:

This is how it appears in Time > Book time off when the person is requesting time off. Notice that they can also request a half-day off here!

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