Half-day Time Off

Manage or request half-day time offs in a company.

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If employees in your company have the option of taking half of their day off, here’s how you can handle this entire process in Productive.

Create half-day time off

Firstly, if you haven't already, you need to set up the time off category. To do so, head over to Settings - Time off.

In this case, you will need to add a time off category, e.g. Vacation, by simply clicking on Add time off category to create a new one. Setting time off categories is only available for the admin roles in the Productive.

Name and icon

In the form for the New time off category you can add the following fields:

  • name,

  • type (limited or unlimited) - a limited time off category means that employees can only request time off up to a certain limit. The limit is defined per each employee on their profile page under the Time off tab by adding an entitlement.

  • allocation (days or hours) - employees can request time off in full-day increments (e.g. day, 2 days, a week, etc.) or in hours (e.g. 4 hours on a specific day).

  • is that time paid or unpaid - if the category is marked as paid, any time off that is scheduled will be calculated into your internal costs.

You can also select an icon for the category as well as a color to easily distinguish it from other categories.

Allocation types

You can decide if a time off category that you’re setting up is managed in:

  • days, or in

  • hours.

In that sense, you can create two time off categories, e.g. Vacation in days and/or Vacation in hours.

When the time off category is created, you can add time off entitlements to a certain employee. Here is how to do it.

Request half-day time off

Half-day time off can be requested for both categories set up in hours as well as days.

If a category has the allocation set to hours, the option to request half a day will automatically come up when requesting time off via Time - Request time off:

For the time off categories where allocation is set up in days, you will need to select the following option in order to have the option to request half a day:

💡 Notice how in this example, there is no third option, to select time off in h/day.

There is also an option to add notes when requesting half-day time off (ex. morning or afternoon day off):

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