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Add Time Off Entitlement / Approve Time Off
Add Time Off Entitlement / Approve Time Off

Add the number of time off days a teammate can use

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Productive lets you add time off and vacation entitlements to a teammate. Each teammate can have their own number of days assigned.

Entitlements can be added only for the limited type of time off category. To add available days to their entitlement, go to Contacts > People and find the person in question. Note that only the Admin role has permission to add entitlements.

Click on the Time off tab and select Add Entitlement:

First, select a time off category (learn how to configure them here), enter the total allocation, add a date range and a short description.

Click on Show allocation details to see additional info:

Now, when a teammate requests time off, it will show on their superior's Approvals page:

... under the Time off tab:

💡 If there are no approvers set for an entitlement, that request will automatically be approved. Also, Admins can approve time off requests on behalf of an approver.
To learn more, check out the following article: Define Time Off Approvers

Every approved time off event will automatically be added to Scheduling:

One more thing, if your company has an option where employees can take a half day time off, your approved time off will be added to Scheduling and it will show the exact number of hours you are using as time off.

💡 Entitlements can also be imported. To learn more, check out the following article - Data import

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