Productive lets you add time off and vacation entitlements to a teammate. Each teammate can have their own number of days assigned.

This add-on has to be enabled first in Settings > Addons > Time Off Approval.

To add available days to their entitlement, go to Contacts > People and find the person in question.

Click on the Time off tab and select Add Entitlement:

First, select a time off category (learn how to configure them here), enter the total allocation and add a date range.

You can also add other time off categories when you click on New:

Hover over Information to see additional info:

Now, when a teammate request time off, it will show in their superior's Approvals page:

... under the Time off tab:

Every approved time off event will automatically be added to Scheduling:

One more thing, if your company has an option where employees can take a half day time off, your approved time off will be added to Scheduling and it will show the exact number of hours you are using as a time off.

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