Breathe Integration

Synchronize time-off categories and bookings from Breathe to Productive.

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This integration will allow you to sync time off categories and time off periods from Breathe with Productive.

Setting up the integration

Head over to Settings - App marketplace:

Locate Breathe and click on Connect app:

Enter your Breathe API key by following the instructions below:

πŸ’‘ After the initial sync, data from the last 3 months is synced.

If I edit a time off event in Breathe, will that be reflected in Productive?

In order for an edited event in Breathe to be updated in Productive, you will first need to manually sync the integration.

To do so, go to Settings - App Marketplace - Breathe and click on the Sync manually ( πŸ”„ ) icon:

Otherwise, the automatic sync will run in the background and is performed every 60 minutes.

Canceling an event in Breathe

If an event is canceled in Breathe, that change will also be reflected in Productive.
You can either run a manual sync and refresh the Resourcing page, or let the automatic sync do a regular update (every 60 minutes)

Are half-day events also synced?

Yes, half-day events are also pulled into Productive as half-day bookings.

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