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Invoicing Options and Payment terms
Invoicing Options and Payment terms

Set up invoicing options like email format, custom sender email address, payment terms, and other invoicing options.

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Set up and edit your invoicing options in Settings. Go to Settings > Invoicing where you can adjust the following:

Email format

You can change the look and feel of your emails containing invoices. Email types are HTML or Plain text, and you can add or remove Productive branding from your e-mail that contains invoices on the toggle button below.

Custom sender email address

Change the sender's email address for invoices being sent by email by setting up a custom sender email address. To see a bit more on how to do that, check out this article.

Default payment terms

Set up the default payment terms by entering the number of days that will be applied as default due payment days. This option can be also customized additionally for each client.

Invoicing options

Select how your invoice numbers will be generated and whether the delivery date should be displayed on the invoices. To see a bit more on how to set up invoicing number format check here.

If you have more subsidiaries, you can adjust these options for each subsidiary.

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