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BambooHR Integration
BambooHR Integration

If you are using BambooHR as your HR system, you can synchronize BambooHR time-off types and time-offs to Productive

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This integration will allow you to sync time off types and time off periods from BambooHR with Productive. Note that this integration requires a Premium subscription.

Additionally, when setting up the integration, please make sure that you have appropriate access rights in Bamboo. Otherwise, your events may not synchronise properly.

Integration setup

To set up the integration, go to Settings > App marketplace > BambooHR,

and click on the Connect app.

Proceed with access request and,

enter the subdomain for your BambooHR account below. For example, if you sign in at "", enter "acme". Do not enter the full "".

When submitting a correct subdomain, click on the Finish setup.

This will complete the integration, and automatically sync all absence types and time-off periods from BambooHR.

Sync BambooHR absence types

When the integration is set up, all absence types that you have in BambooHR will be created as time-off categories in Productive. Any update on absence types in BambooHR will be synced with Productive, along with any new absence types created.

Sync BambooHR time-off periods

If an absence is approved in BambooHR, Productive will search for that employee by email address and create a matching time-off period (daily or hourly) in Productive. Any updates on that absence period in BambooHR will be reflected in Productive.

Each time off period that is synced from BambooHR will be marked as imported from external software.

With each sync, Productive picks up changes to absence types and time off periods from BambooHR.

๐Ÿ’ก Deleted time off events get synced into Productive once in 3 days.
Previously, they had to be manually deleted.


Why is a time-off period not showing up in Productive?

There are a few common causes here:

  • Check that the user's mail address is the same in BambooHR and in Productive.

  • Make sure that the time-off period has been approved. Only approved time-off periods will appear in Productive.

  • And lastly, give the integration a little time - data is synced every 12-24 hours.

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