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Personio Integration
Personio Integration

If you are using Personio as your HR system, you can synchronize Personio time off types and time off periods to Productive.

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This integration will allow you to sync time off types and time off periods from Personio with Productive. Note that this integration requires a Premium subscription.

Integration setup

To set up the integration, you will first need to create your integration credentials in Personio.

Go to your Personio account and click on Settings in the left sidebar. In the Settings menu, select API credentials:

Now click on the Generate new credential button:

A window will pop up on the right side where you need to:

  • Name your integration (we suggest using the name "Productive")

  • Select the integration tool (Productive is not yet on this list, so select "Other")

  • Tick checkboxes for data that needs to be integrated (you only need to tick the Read checkbox for Absences data)

When this is done, click the Generate new credential button at the bottom of the window:

This has created the Personio integration credentials for Productive:

Click on Productive in the API credentials list to access and copy your credentials (Client ID and Client secret):

Now that your credentials are created in Personio, you can turn on the integration in Productive. Go to Settings - App marketplace:

Under the list of available integrations, locate Personio,

and select Connect app:

Copy your API credentials from Personio (Client ID and Client secret) and paste them in the appropriate fields in Productive:

This will complete the integration, and automatically sync all absence types from Personio. They will be imported to Productive as time off categories. Additionally, the following approved time off periods will be synced:

  • with an end time in the past three months, and

  • with an end time at any point in the future

From here on, all newly-created and updated time off types and periods will sync from Personio to Productive.

In the Personio integration tab, you can always see when the last sync occurred, and initiate a manual sync.

Note that bookings set up in Personio with "First part of the day" & "Second part of the day" will appear in hours in Productive. E.g. a person with an 8-hour capacity will have a 4-hour off-period in Productive for the first or last part of the day.


Why is a time off period not showing up in Productive?

There are a few common causes here.

  • Check that the user's mail address is the same in Personio and in Productive.

  • Make sure that the time off period has been approved. Only approved time periods will appear in Productive.

  • Only daily and half-day time off periods will be synced. Time off periods set up in Hours in Personio will not appear in Productive.

  • And lastly, give the integration a little time - data is synced once per hour.

I deleted a time off period in Personio, and I still see it in Productive.

Deleting a time off period in Personio will not automatically delete it in Productive. This is due to a technical limitation of Personio. You will need to delete the time off period manually in Productive.

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