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Enforce Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) For Your Organization
Enforce Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) For Your Organization

Improve security by making 2FA mandatory for all users in your organization

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To improve security in Productive, you can enforce Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). This option will make 2FA mandatory for all organization users. It is easy to set up and automatically communicated with your teammates. If you only wish to use 2FA for yourself, or a few select organization members, check out this article instead.

Have in mind that this will not include users that use SSO (Single Sign On) because SSO is using authentication from a different provider. Setting up 2FA will not affect SSO users because they are not using Productive credentials to log in.

How to set it up?

To enforce 2FA on your organization account, go to Settings and search for the Organization security group of settings.

After selecting Organization security settings, you will see a toggle that allows you to turn this option on.

What happens when I enable this feature?

Immediately after switching the slider "on", a modal window will appear. It warns you that all users without 2FA set up on their user accounts will be logged out. Once they are logged out, they will be prompted to set up their two-factor authentication and log back in again. Users that already have 2FA set up on their accounts will not experience any interruption in their work. This also applies to all Clients and Contractors who are accessing your Productive organization account.

All users on your organization account will also receive an email notification about 2FA being enforced.

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