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Single Sign-On (SSO)

Set up SSO for your organization.

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Single Sign-On (SSO) gives your company a unified and secure way to log into Productive. We use SAML 2.0, an industry standard to make sure you can easily integrate with three providers:

Using SSO, you can enable:

  • One-click Sign In: Allow your employees and contractors to log in to Productive from your selected SSO provider without using a separate username and password. Note that when enabling SSO for your organization, it does not affect the clients. They need to log in with their login credentials.

  • Automatic Provisioning: Allow administrators to create a new Productive account straight from the SSO provider

Follow the links above for detailed instructions on how to connect your Productive account to each service.

Disable regular login

In Settings - Single sign-on you can enable this option to log out employees and contractors and force them to log in via single sign-on.

You will need to be logged in via SSO to enable this feature.

Once you fill in the Identity Provider URL and Metadata URL click on Enable SSO.


How does the process look like if a user is a member of two organizations?
If both of the organizations have SSO enabled, an additional step is added after the login where they are instructed to provide the ID of the organization they want to log in to.

If one organization has SSO enabled, and the other one does not, by using the "Log in using SSO" option during login, the user will be logged into the organization where SSO is enabled.

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