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Enable SSO Using Okta

Set up single sign-on using Okta

Updated over a week ago

To set up SSO in Okta, go to your Okta account and select Admin > Applications > Add Application:

Select Create New App:

Select Platform: Web and SAML 2.0:

The name should be "Productive" (so you can find it quickly later):

Now, go back to Productive and go to Settings > Single sign-on > and copy the first URL and paste it to SAML settings in Okta:

... and copy the Audience URI as well:

After you've copied the links, using the dropdown, select:

Name ID Format: EmailAdress

Application username: Email

To enable User provision on login please set up additional attributes in Identity provider with which we will create user on login. Make sure First Name and Last Name fields are filled with the values that your Identity provider is sending along SAML assertions.

Add Atribute Statments and select value for "first name" and "last name":

Now, copy the metadata link from Okta:

Paste the link to Productive > Settings > Single sign-on under Metadata URL:

Copy the Identity provider Single Sign-On URL from Okta:

...and paste it in Productive:

Click on Enable SSO in Productive.

Now, go back to Okta, go to Applications > Assign > And from the list of your employees, add the person you'd like to assign to Productive:

That's it! Now you can use Okta to add people to Productive and sign on as well.

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