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Docs allow you to create, edit and organize your documents in Productive.
Existing Notes will automatically be converted into Docs.

General and project-specific Docs

Unlike Notes which were strictly related to a project, a Doc does not have to be associated with a project.

The list of all Docs in your organization can be accessed from the main navigation:


A project-specific Doc menu is found in the project menu:


Docs overview

On the Docs page, you can add and remove Fields, manage Filters, as well save various combinations of the two as separate Views:

To create a new Doc, simply click on the +Doc button in the upper right:

Just as in any table view in Productive, you can sort data by selecting a column (field) of your choice.
Additionally, use the Search bar to quickly filter docs by title containing the keyword entered:

Managing a Doc

With pages and subpages, you can create Index pages to better organize your Doc. Click on the plus (+) icon next to them in order to create new pages:

To better distinguish your pages and introduce some color to them, add Emojis to page titles by clicking on an icon next to their names:


Moving a Page

A page can also be moved from one Doc to another. Click on the three dots next to a page you want to edit and select Move page:

By moving a page, all of its subpages will be moved as well and that page will be placed at the bottom of the Doc where it was moved to

Sharing options for the moved page(s) are copied from the destination Doc. In other words, sharing options are retained from the origin Doc.

Sharing options

To invite people to collaborate on a Doc, select the Sharing options icons. You can invite a specific person, but also a role that will invite all users with that role:


They can then view, comment, or edit the doc. You can also grant them Full access which is by default assigned to the owner of the Doc:


Sidebar settings

By opening the sidebar in a Doc, several new options will appear:

  • Text options

  • History & versioning

Editor commands

By typing "/" in the doc's text area, a list of available formatting functions will appear which enable you to customize and better organize your Doc.
For example, you can create headings, lists, tables, upload images, add colorful banners, and more!

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