Edit Data in Bulk

Edit data in tables all at once.

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If you're looking to update information across multiple areas in Productive, you'll be glad to know that bulk editing is available for several key components:

  • Tasks

  • Deals

  • Budgets

  • Invoices

  • Contacts - People and Companies

  • Company Expenses

  • Projects

With this feature, you can:

  • Modify custom fields

  • Adjust tags

  • Change the project manager on a project

  • Edit due date and date paid in company expenses

To edit information in bulk, hover next to the field in the table you want to edit:

Once you've selected all tasks within a task list, you'll notice editable information displayed in the header. Here's what you can modify when looking at tasks:

  • Task assignee

  • Task due date

  • Task start date

  • Task status

Additionally, open the (...) dropdown to:

  • Add tags

  • Shift or extend the task dates

  • Change task privacy

  • Move the selected tasks to another project

  • Duplicate the selected tasks

  • Move the selected tasks to another task list

  • Establish a parent task for the selected tasks, converting them into subtasks

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