Zapier Integration

You can connect your Productive account to other apps you use via Zapier webhook.

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Zapier is a third-party service that sends the information about actions made in Productive to other apps you are using.

When an action is made in Productive, Zapier sends the information to the other app, i.e. Slack chat.

Please follow the link below to see which types of actions made in Productive can be sent to other apps:

You can connect the apps in a way that fits your workflow best. For example, if you connect Productive tasks with Slack, each time a new task is added to Productive, you'll get a notification in the Slack channel.

What do you need to connect Zapier and Productive?

  1. You need a Zapier account

  2. Go to Settings > App marketplace

  3. Find Zapier and click Search for Productive to start using the integration

This will take you to the following screen, where you need to log into your Zapier account to proceed with creating integrations with other apps.

After you've created the integration, select the type of event that will trigger creating a Zap. Here, we'll use it to create an invoice. 

Zapier will now ask you to confirm which account in Productive you'll use in this integration. Click on Continue, and a new menu will appear, asking you to test the integration. Click on Test integration if you're checking the integration for the first time. Using this, you'll be able to tell if all the data has been copied correctly. 

Whatever option you choose, you'll have three minutes to generate the invoice in Productive. Be sure to click on Test integration, and then go to Productive and create an invoice. 

When you've generated an invoice, go back to Zapier. You should see the invoice already there. 

Open the invoice and check if all the data is correct. If so, the integration was successful. 

💡 If you are receiving an error when creating an integration with Zapier, make sure that Zapier is integrated with a token with read&write access under Personal token:

Use Zapier templates

Zap templates are preconfigured workflows that you set up to make it easy for Zapier users to use Productive. Follow this link to see the complete list of Zapier templates.

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