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Team Allocation with Custom Fields

A typical scenario for using Productive's custom fields.

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Custom Fields can be created for various categories of data in Productive. First, be sure to create a custom field in Settings. After you've configured it, it is time to see it in action.

In this example, we'll create a custom field for the category People. This custom field will be called "Department", and it is used to organize people in teams for easier Resourcing, filtering, and lots more.

As you can see, you can now add this field as a Column, and it is clearly marked as Custom.

Notice that a new category has appeared:

Because this field was a dropdown, you can click on it and select an item from the menu. Also, you can search for the field if you have more than a few created:

Other custom field types (text and numbers) also support inline editing.

Other Uses

You can use custom fields in Productive if the section you want to use it in has a connection to the object for which the custom field was created. Although it may sound complicated, it's actually quite logical.

For example, a Time report uses the information from the "People" section so you can use the custom field created for "People" there. In this example, we'll filter using the created custom field when checking time entries:

Or use it as a filter in Resourcing:

You can even generate a report and group by a custom field:

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