When creating a task on a project, you can also add a start date to that task. Adding a start date and a due date will give your task a date range - this will give your team members more precise information on when the task should be done. 

To create a task with a start and a due date, create a task like you normally would. 

Click on the Date and time menu where you'll find an option Add start date.

Click on the Add start date menu and select the start and the end date in the calendar. Notice that the Date and time option has now been updated to Date range

Of course, if something has changed, you can always edit the date range by editing the task and clicking on the Date range to adjust the start date and due date. 

If you switch over to the Calendar view of your tasks, you will get a comprehensive overview of all current tasks with clear Start and End dates.

For example, let's look at the image below with certain tasks highlighted in red.

We can see that the "New ticket" task is due on March 11th. "Other subtask" has a date range from Mar 9th to Mar 10th. And finally, "Test main page performance" is scheduled for only one day - Mar 11th, and thus has no date range.

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