Multiple boards is a feature for better and easier task management. It will be the most useful to those who use project management features more extensively and have many task lists with numerous tasks in every project.

This feature allows you to group tasks and task lists into multiple boards in the same project.

In the Project overview, look for the Board dropdown menu:

The currently active board will be displayed :

You can also drag the slider to change the order of the boards in the dropdown:

... and click on the Options submenu to reveal additional actions > Here you can Edit, Set as Default, Duplicate or Archive a board.

How to use multiple boards?

The main idea is to make task management easier and simpler. You can create as many boards you need in one project, and set up different task lists for every board.

For example, if you organize your tasks into sprints, you can set up multiple boards called Sprint 1, Sprint 2, Sprint 3… or W1, W2, W3 and organize tasks into boards based on what needs to be done in Sprint 1 or W1.

You can create boards based on the priority, for example High priority, Low priority, Backlog, or any other way that fits into your workflow.

How to move tasks between the boards?

First you need to set up task lists for every board. If you don’t have a task list, you won’t be able to move tasks.

Second, select the tasks you want to move. You’ll notice a menu pop-up on the bottom of the screen.

Select a new board task list from the menu and click on the Update button to move tasks into the new board.

Archive boards

To archive a board, simply click on Archive board located in the board's menu:

Boards can also be re-activated from the archive. Open the project Sidebar and under the Archived section, select Manage archived boards:

Now all you need to do is click on the restore icon next to the board you are looking to bring back.

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