Getting Started

Sign up, activate your account, go through company settings, add your cost rate and invite more people.

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Step 1: Set up an account

To start using Productive you need to sign-up for a 14-day free trial. You can do that by entering your email within a signup form on our homepage or by selecting Try Productive or Start free trial.

Another way is to get an invitation from another user in which case you'll get an e-mail inviting you to create an account yourself.

Step 2: The signup wizard

The signup wizard will start when you add your email address. Please enter the necessary data and follow the steps and you will gain access to your account in no time!

Step 3: Sample data

To help you explore, we have prepared a lot of sample data that you can load during the signup process. All of the sample data in the title has [SAMPLE]. You can choose to remove it, by selecting the option Remove sample data. We recommend that you start with sample data if you want to see what Productive looks like when set up properly from the get-go.ย 

Step 4: Invite people

It's always easier to start with a couple of colleagues, so make sure you invite them to help you explore. Productive is a tool that should be used by everyone in your company. The faster you get multiple perspectives and opinions from your colleagues, the easier it will be to migrate faster!

To invite people, hover your profile picture on the bottom left and click on Invite people.



You're all set!

If you need more help, please contact us via chat and set up a demo call. It's the best way to find out everything there is to know about Productive in 30 minutes!

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