Tracking time on tasks is an add-on feature meaning you can turn it on if you need it but if you're happy with the way time tracking works out of the box, you don't have to use it.

How to turn on tracking time on tasks?

Go to the Settings of your organization, find Addons on the list and turn on Time on tasks feature

This enables time tracking and adding estimates for every project you have in Productive. You might have some projects that you don’t need this for. In that case you can go to Edit project and turn off time on tasks for the particular project only.

Now that you have time tracking/task estimating options set, open any existing task you have in your list of tasks. You’ll notice a third tab showing up in your task - Time.

To track time on the task simply select a service you’ve been working on from the dropdown menu…

Put down a brief note about what you’ve been doing in this task and the amount of time you’ve spent and save your entry.

You can also start timer while you’re working on the task and the time will be recorded automatically. Just don’t forget to hit the Stop button once you’re done with the task.

What if I assign a task to someone else? Or close the task but forgot to track the time?

A task doesn’t have to be assigned to you to be able to track time on it. You can track your time on whatever task you need to, no matter if it’s currently assigned to someone else or if it’s closed.

You can always see on the Time tab of the task who tracked their time on a particular task. It can be multiple people if the task circled between the team.

If you need to edit a time entry, click on the menu icon next to the entry...

... and change whatever you need.

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