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Time-Off Requests and Resourcing
Updated over a week ago

Managing time-off requests effectively ensures that your team’s availability is accurately reflected in Resourcing.

Here's how time-off requests are integrated into Resourcing in Productive.

Automatic Approval and Visibility

  • No Approvers Set: If there are no time-off approvers configured, meaning the time-off booking/request is automatically approved, it will immediately be visible in Resourcing.

Approval Process and Resourcing

  • With Time-Off Approval Enabled: If you’ve enabled time-off approval, any requested time off will be displayed in the People and Time off Resourcing sections.

  • Note that to view time off in the Projects section, you need to turn on the "Show absences" toggle.

  • Pending Status: While the time-off request is pending approval, the booking will stay in the request stage and won’t impact the person’s availability until it’s approved.

Transition to Confirmed Booking

  • Post-Approval: Once the time off is approved, the request transitions into a confirmed time-off booking in Resourcing. Consequently, your availability is adjusted accordingly.

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