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Set up your status in Productive to let your team know when you are available

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Let your colleagues know about your unavailability or whether you'll be missing those chance encounters in the office. Any user within the organization can set up their status.

How to set your status?

Navigate to your profile dropdown where you can find the option to set your status.

A pop-up will appear where you'll be able to choose between five predefined statuses or create a completely new one, based on your current activities.

The five predefined statuses are:

  • 🏒 In office

  • 🏑 Working remotely

  • 🌴 On vacation

  • πŸ€’ Out sick

  • 🎊 Holiday

If you want to personalize your status further, type it in and select any emoji you wish. Additionally, you will see your two most recently used statuses there.

You can choose Remove status after to specify when your status will be automatically removed. There, you can set a custom date and time, based on when you'll be unavailable or working from home.

Check someone's current status in Productive

Once you've saved the changes, you'll instantly see the updated status. Just hover over the status icon to see the duration of your absence 🌴

When you drop a comment in tasks or mention someone in task comments, you will quickly find out if that person is currently away and for how long.

Edit/Remove your status

To edit your status, go to the status option in the profile dropdown menu.

Make the necessary changes and then click on Save, or you can click on Clear status to completely reset your status.

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