If you have created at least one time entry for yesterday, you will see an option to duplicate time entries from the previous day:

There are a couple of rules as to when this option will be shown:

  • the option to duplicate time from yesterday will only show for today

  • the button is only visible in Day view

  • only if there is at least one time entry logged the day before will you have the option to duplicate that time

    • weekends and holidays are not taken into account

  • if you have Autotracking turned on, the option to duplicate time will not be shown

  • autotracked time entries will be ignored. In other words, they will not be copied

  • recurring budgets - if there is a subsequent recurring budget for the day you duplicate the entry, the entry will be created for the corresponding budget

    • if there is no valid active budget for today, the option will not appear. In other words, entries that do not have a valid budget for today will not be duplicated

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