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Get key information about your bookings directly on the Scheduling screen.

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By default, your Scheduling screen shows the basic data about your bookings. However, it is also possible to get a deeper analysis of your bookings directly on the Scheduling screen.

Setting up fields

First up, you will need to set up some fields here:

Click on a field that interests you to transfer it to the left side of this panel. You will notice this field also shows up as a column in the Scheduling view:

You can add as many fields as you want this way. You can also set up custom formula fields as usual. When you are done, be sure to save your view up here:

Fields date range

You can also set the fields so that they only apply to a certain period. Click on the Fields date range in the top left and set up your desired period. Notice that this period will also be highlighted on the timeline to the right:

Sorting the data

Once your fields are all set up, you can also sort the data in the timeline view.

Click on Sort to sort by the fields that you chose to display, including formulas:

Customizing the display

In addition to the setup above, you can also customize the visual display of your data in several ways, such as goal, limit, color and number format.

Click on the field and then set up these options below:

For more info on custom visual formatting, please click here.

And finally, if you don't find this useful at all, you would need to remove all of the fields from the Fields pop-up.

A brief video on how it all works:

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