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Personalise the way your data and goals are visualised in Productive

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To help you reach your goals and keep track of your progress, Productive can visualise your data with a series of charts and graphs:

If you want to make it personal, you can change the default colour of the chart, set a custom goal or a warning. These changes can be applied to built-in charts/columns or to ones created by you using Formula fields.

Let's see on an example of how it would look like. The built-in column Budgeted Time Usage is visualised by a radial chart by default, but I'd prefer a different look. To customise, click on the column itself and select Formatting options.

First, I can choose the way the chart will be displayed when I select Display As.

It can be a linear chart, a radial one or a number. Next, I'll choose the Precision of the displayed value, which is the number of decimal spaces.

Radial charts can be displayed as a percentage or a ratio.

Setting a goal or a limit will help to see if things are going as planned. It is defined as a percentage that will be displayed visually in the chart:

Next, I can choose the Colour scheme and should the value be colorised as well.

Let's take a look at the new chart: It will show budgeted time usage, but as a percentage, with the goal set to 50%, and the limit set to 100%.

I can already see that I've used way more hours working on this budget that it was proposed. For a quick overview, simply hover over the budget:

Adding Goals & Limits to Time / Money Columns

Using the same principle, you can set a custom limit or a goal to columns that display Time or Money. For example, let's set the goal to the Revenue column to be set to more than $10.000.

Click on the column, select Formatting Options and set the goal to $10.000,00:

Now, the column will look like this:

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