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Custom Visual Formatting

Personalise the way your data and goals are visualised in Productive.

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If you want to customize your charts, you can adjust the default color, set custom goals, or add warnings. These changes can be applied to both built-in charts/columns and those created using Formula fields.

Example: Customizing the "Budgeted Time Usage" Chart

Let's take the built-in column "Budgeted Time Usage." By default, it's visualized with a radial chart, but you may prefer a different format. To customize it, click on the column and select "Formatting Options."

Customization Options

You can choose the chart's display format, such as linear, radial, or numerical, as well as the precision of the displayed value. Radial charts can show percentages or ratios. Setting a goal or limit visually indicates if you're on track. You can define this as a percentage and customize the color scheme accordingly.

Visualizing Progress

For example, a chart displaying budgeted time usage as a percentage, with a goal of 50% and a limit of 100%, reveals how much time you've spent compared to what was planned. Hovering over the budget provides a quick overview.

Setting Goals and Limits

You can also add goals and limits to time or money columns. For instance, setting a revenue goal of over $10,000 for the Revenue column is straightforward. Click on the column, select "Formatting Options," and set the goal. Now, your column reflects this goal for easy tracking.

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