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Restricting Time Entries by Person or Service Type
Restricting Time Entries by Person or Service Type

Learn how to restrict time entries to appropriate services or service types in Productive for better time tracking and project management.

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In Productive, you can designate specific people to track time against particular services or restrict time tracking to members of designated service types.

This ensures that time entries are accurately made against the appropriate services or service types.

This article covers two methods to achieve this: restricting by person and restricting by service types.

Method 1: Restricted by Person

The first method is to assign a person to a specific service on a budget, which only affects the individual budget.

1) Enable the "Restricted by Person" Option

  • Open the budget sidebar.

  • Click on Tracking type: Restricted by person.

2) Assign People to Services

  • In the budget editor, you'll see the Person column.

  • Assign one or more project members to each service. Only the designated person will be able to track time against that service.

Method 2: Restricted by Service Types

The second method is to assign a service type to a person and then restrict tracking options by service type within a budget. This method affects all budgets (where the restriction is enabled), and it allows multiple individuals to be assigned to a specific service type.

Set Up Users

  • Go to Settings > Users.

  • Open the three-dot menu in the upper right and click on Assign service types.

  • A new menu will pop up, where you can assign one or more service types to this person.

Manage Service Types

  • Navigate to Settings > Service types to see all your service types and edit people assigned to each type.

Set Up the Budget

  • Open the budget sidebar and select the gear icon to access additional settings.

  • Choose the Restricted by service type option.

  • Assign service types to the individual services. Only the people assigned to these service types will be able to track time against these services.

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