In Productive, you can make sure that all time entries are made against appropriate services or service types. In this article, we will go over two ways to achieve this.

Restricted by person

The first way is to assign a person to a specific service on a budget. This action only affects this individual budget.

First, select the "Restricted by person" option on your budget screen:

Now when you add (or edit) services on this budget, you can add the person column:

In this column, you can assign a project member to each service. After this is done, only the designated person will be able to track time against a service.

Restricted by service types

The other method is to assign a service type to a person. This will affect all budgets with active service type tracking.

Setting up the users

First up, head to a person's profile via Settings - Users. Select the menu option and click on "Assign service types":

A new menu will pop-up, where you can assign one or more service types to this person:

Setting up the budget

Next up, head to the budget in question. Select the "Restricted by service type" on your budget screen:

As usual, you will need to assign services to the budget. Each of these services has a service type assigned to it:

Only the people that have been assigned these service types will be able to track time against these services.

Note that both of these features are still in a private beta phase. If you want to have them activated, please contact us via the in-app chat.

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