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Can't Track Time Against a Budget or a Deal?
Can't Track Time Against a Budget or a Deal?

There are a few reasons why you may be unable to track time against a budget. Let's see what they are!

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Encountering issues while attempting to track time against a specific budget or a sales deal in the CRM?

Not to worry, as tracking time against project and deal budgets follows the same rules. However, if you find that this option isn't available, there could be several reasons behind it.

Let's explore each potential issue below:


1) User Not Added To Budget's/Deal's Sharing Options

Ensure that the user attempting to track time has been added to the budget's/deal's sharing options.

2) Inadequate Budget/Deal Date Range

Check if the budget's/deal's date range covers the desired date. If not, adjust the date range accordingly to enable time tracking.

3) Missing Cost Rate For The User

Make sure the user has a cost rate defined for the specific date.

Update the user's cost rate in Settings > Users or by finding their profile through the CRM > Contacts, ensuring it covers the required date range.

4) Delivered Budget

Verify if the budget is open for tracking time. If it has already been delivered, reopen it to allow time tracking.

5) Budget/Deal Lacks Services

Add services to the budget/deal to enable time tracking. You cannot track time against budgets without services.

6) Disabled Time Tracking Against Services

If time tracking against services has been disabled in the budget/deal, enable it by clicking on the Edit icon and toggling the option to allow time tracking.

7) Restricted Time Tracking to Assigned Services

Ensure that time tracking is not restricted solely to assigned service types or people within the budget/deal.

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