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Connecting Multiple Exact Companies With the Same Exact Account
Connecting Multiple Exact Companies With the Same Exact Account

Connect one or more Exact companies with the same Exact account.

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Here are the steps on how to connect different Exact companies that have the same Exact account:

1. First, remove any Exact integrations you have in Productive for the organization you are trying to connect.

2. Then, revoke any previous access you have given to Productive in Exact.

Go to Exact and select the company you wish to connect with.

Select "My Exact online" (translated in English) and locate the "Security center" tab. Finally, under "My app's permissions" revoke any Productive integrations you find there.

Here's an example of what it could look like:

3. Head back to Productive again and create new Exact integration.

The connection wizard will lead you to the Exact login after which you will have a new screen where you will need to select a company you want to connect.

On that screen, select the "one or more companies" option and the search icon πŸ” next to it that will bring a list of companies on that Exact account.

Select the company you want to connect:

The company you selected should be displayed on the screen after selection like this:


Each time you get to this screen and for each integration separately, you should select only one company. This can be challenging as Exact can remember the last login. For this reason, we recommend using an incognito/private window in the browser for each integration.

4. After accepting all terms, proceed with integration connection as usual.

Check out the following article on how to create an Exact integration in Productive:

That should be it and integration will be valid only for that Exact company even when on the same Exact account.

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