Exact Integration

You can link your Productive account to Exact with a couple of clicks. Send invoices from Productive straight to Exact.

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This integration enables you to send invoices from Productive to your Exact account.

When you integrate your Productive account with Exact you can also enable the payments sync with Productive. In other words, when you mark an invoice as paid in Exact, that status will reflect in Productive as well.​ This also applies to partial payments or payments in tranches.

Linking Your Exact Account To Productive

To link your Productive account to Exact:

  1. ​Log into Productive

  2. Go to Settings > App Marketplace

  3. Find Exact in the list and click Connect App

  4. Choose one of the available locales (Belgium, Netherlands, or Germany)

Log in to Exact using your account credentials, and voila! You have successfully established the Exact integration!

To complete the setup, choose whether Productive or Exact will be responsible for generating invoice numbers. Additionally, select your division if there is more than one in your Exact account.

Mapping Services In Exact

When creating invoices in Productive and copying them to Exact you can:

  • select the default Journal

  • select the default Ledger Code (G/L Account)

  • map services to the Ledger Code

Selecting The Default Journal

In the Exact integration window, selecting the default Journal is optional.

If selected, during the invoice export, it will be pre-selected by default:

Mapping Service Types

After clicking Next on the previous screen, you will be prompted with a new window where you can:

  • Select the default Exact ledger

  • Map Productive service types to Exact ledgers

For example, when exporting an invoice with the settings applied above, the following fields will be pre-filled:

If services are mapped to ledger codes and the invoice, with services displayed as line items, is exported, each line item will carry the corresponding Ledger Code in Exact.

Alternatively, if services are not mapped, the default ledger code will be pre-selected on each invoice. Here's how the invoice in Productive will be presented in Exact:

Sometimes, the VAT field does not appear when exporting an invoice to Exact, and that's because the VAT codes in Exact aren't filled in. To make them visible in Productive, you need to enter them first in Exact.

For detailed instructions on setting up VAT codes in Exact, please refer to this link.

Copying Invoices To Exact

After you have created an invoice, click on "Copy to Exact". Following that, you'll be prompted to fill in the following settings:

1) Exact customer

2) Journal code

3) Ledger code

4) VAT code

When choosing a customer here, instead of selecting a pre-existing customer in Exact, you can also create a new one.

Copying An Invoice To Exact After It Has Already Been Copied

If you've previously copied an invoice to Exact and need to make changes or create a new one, open the invoice and hover over the "Invoice copied" option. From there, you can choose to update the existing or create a new invoice.

Selecting "Update existing" will modify the invoice that was last copied to Exact. If the invoice was copied multiple times, only the latest copy will be updated.

Choosing "Create new" will generate a new invoice in Exact, even if it had been copied before.

Payments Sync

If you have not enabled it while setting up the integration, enable the payments sync at a later date by:

1) Navigating to Settings > App Marketplace > Exact
2) Clicking the pencil icon to edit the integration

3) Toggling the "Synchronize payments from Exact to Productive" option on

With this on, if you mark an invoice as paid in Exact, the status will also reflect in Productive.

Any payment edits or deletions made in Exact will also be mirrored in Productive.

⚠️ The sync is 1-way (Exact Productive), meaning that if an invoice is marked as paid in Productive, this change will not be taken into account in Exact.

⚠️ Note that the integration doesn't support syncing expenses generated in Productive!

Disconnecting Exact From Productive

If you want to disconnect your Xero account from Productive, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > App Marketplace

  2. Find your Exact integration

  3. Click the bin icon to disconnect

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