Twinfield Integration

Link your Productive account to Twinfield and send invoices from Productive straight to Twinfield in just a few clicks.

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Setting up the integration

To set up the integration head over to Settings - App Marketplace:

Look up Twinfield and click on Connect app in the upper right:

Log into your Twinfield account and tick the permissions listed:

You will then be re-directed back to Productive where the first option is to be set - the Invoice Destiny which is the invoice status:

  • Final - exporting invoices with Final invoice destiny (status) means that invoice is then finalized in Twinfield and cannot be edited once created

  • Temporary - this is basically the draft status

Default Twinfield ledger and mapping service types

Next up is the selection of the Default Twinfield ledger:

To Map Service types, click on the checkbox underneath the default Twinfield ledger

Export an Invoice to Twinfield

IMPORTANT - Before exporting an invoice to Twinfield, the invoice has to have an Invoice number assigned to it.

Twinfield does not generate invoice numbers and requires that number to be sent from Productive.

After Finalizing the invoice, click on Copy to Twinfield:

In the pop-up menu, the following fields need to be populated:

  • Customer - for now, creating new customers is not supported, and only selecting one from the dropdown list is available. The list will automatically pull all customers from your Twinfield account

  • Transaction type

  • VAT Code

Hit Copy and you will receive a confirmation that the invoice has been successfully copied to your Twinfield account.

This information will also be shown in the invoice menu and of you click on Invoice copied, the link in its respective field will take you to that invoice in Twinfield:

Productive invoice is creating the Twinfield sales transaction.
As it is Final, everything is greyed out and cannot be edited:

💡 Once the invoice has been exported from Productive, it cannot be exported again.
If you would need to copy it again, you would need to duplicate the existing one:

💡 Exporting a credit note to Twinfield is also supported

Customer Creation

With the customer creation option, just like within the integration, a customer will be created.
For Customer creation to work you need to have a customer number dimension type format set up in your Twinfield account.

If this is not set up, the customer will not be created and Productive will return an error.

For more information on the Twinfield dimensions type format click on the following link:

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