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Fortnox Integration
Fortnox Integration

If you're using Fortnox as your accounting tool, you can integrate it with a couple of clicks. Read this to learn how the integration works.

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This integration enables you to send invoices from Productive to your Fortnox account.

Integration setup

To turn on the integration, go to Settings - App marketplace:

Under the list of available integrations, locate Fortnox,

and select Connect app:

Log into Fortnox with your account credentials and that's it - you have successfully created the Fortnox integration!

To finish setting it up, select who will be responsible for generating invoice numbers - Productive or Fortnox. If you choose Productive, note that the invoice numeration has to be in line with the Fortnox numeration. Otherwise, Fortnox will return an error when replicating the invoice to Fortnox.

Tick the second option if you also want to export the invoice PDF from Productive to Fortnox.

You can also map some or all Productive service types to Fortnox accounting codes. To do so, tick the "Map service types" box and link individual service types to accounting codes. This step is optional and the default Fortnox account will be used for all service types that are not mapped.

Next up, you can map Productive service types to Fortnox articles. In Fortnox, each line item has an article, the same as an account, and is mapped to a Productive service type.

Sending an invoice

To send an invoice from Productive to Fortnox, find an existing invoice or create a new one. Note that the default currency in Fortnox is the Swedish krona (SEK). If you want to send invoices with other currencies, you will first have to set them in Fortnox.

Click on the Copy to Fortnox option:

Productive will automatically connect the invoice to the appropriate customer in Fortnox. If such a customer is not found, a new customer will be created in Fortnox. Additionally, you can always choose to assign an invoice to any other customer in Fortnox.

Once you're ready, click on Copy and Finalize and the invoiced will be sent to Fortnox.

Disconnecting Fortnox from Productive

If you want to disconnect your Fortnox account, go to Settings > Organization Integrations. Find your Fortnox integration and click the "trash can" icon to disconnect Productive from Fortnox.

⚠️ When connecting multiple subsidiaries to Fortnox, you must use a different Fortnox account for each subsidiary. Using the same account a second time will delete the previous connection. ⚠️

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