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Visma E-conomic Integration
Visma E-conomic Integration

You can link your Productive account to Visma e-conomic and end invoices from Productive straight to Visma e-conomic .

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This integration enables you to send invoices from Productive to your Visma e-conomic account.

When you integrate your Productive account with Visma e-conomic you can also enable the payments sync with Productive. In other words, when you mark an invoice as paid in Visma e-conomic, that status will reflect in Productive as well.​

This does not apply to partial payments or payments in tranches, as the payments sync will be performed only if the invoice has been paid in full.

Linking Your Visma e-conomic Account To Productive

To link your Productive account to Visma e-conomic:

  1. ​Log into Productive

  2. Go to Settings > App Marketplace

  3. Find Visma e-conomic in the list and click Connect App

Log in to Visma e-conomic using your account credentials, and voila! You have successfully established the Visma e-conomic integration!

To complete the setup, choose whether Productive or Visma e-conomic will be responsible for generating invoice numbers.

Setting Up The Integration

After completing the authentication process in Visma e-conomic, you'll need to make several decisions:

1. Invoice Number Generation:

Determine whether Visma e-conomic or Productive will be responsible for generating invoice numbers.

By enabling this option, the draft number from E-conomic will be synced, and when the invoice is finalized, Productive will not get the finalized number from that invoice.

By leaving the option disabled, invoice numbers will not be synced. Productive and Visma e-conomic will have their invoice numbers.

2. Exporting Options:

Choose whether to copy invoice PDFs and invoice subject lines from Visma e-conomic to Productive.

3. Payment Synchronization:

Decide whether payments should be synchronized. Please note that this synchronization is unidirectional, happening only from Visma e-conomic to Productive, not the other way around.

Mapping Service Types

After setting up the basics, click on Next to select the default Visma e-conomic products.

Depending on your needs, you can also map some or all Productive service types to Visma e-conomic products by enabling the Map service types option.

For all service types that are not mapped, the default Visma e-conomic product will be used.

Copying Invoices To Visma E-conomic

When creating an invoice, a new button, "Copy to E-conomic", will be accessible on the invoice creation screen:

Following that, you'll be prompted to fill in the following settings, corresponding to the information available in your Visma e-conomic account:

1) Customer

2) Layout

3) Payment term

4) VAT zone

For example, you will need to select a customer by searching for the existing customer in Visma e-conomic. If the customer does not exist in Visma e-conomic, you can create a new customer instead.

Note: Invoices are copied to Visma e-conomic with status set as Draft.

​Here is how the invoice will look in Visma e-conomic:

Note: E-conomic has character limits of 250 for the invoice subject line and 2500 for the line item description.

If your subject or description exceeds these limits, Productive will automatically adjust them upon exporting the invoice to E-conomic by shortening the text.

Copying An Invoice To Visma E-conomic After It Has Already Been Copied

If you've previously copied an invoice to Visma e-conomic and need to make changes or create a new one, open the invoice in Productive and hover over the "Invoice copied" option. From there, you can choose to update the existing invoice or create a new one.

Selecting "Update existing" will modify the invoice that was last copied to Visma e-conomic. If the invoice was copied multiple times, only the latest copy will be updated.

Choosing "Create new" will generate a new invoice in Visma e-conomic, even if it had been copied before.

Credit Notes

Credit notes are tied to sent invoices, meaning you can't send a credit note to Visma e-conomic unless you already sent the invoice you are crediting there.

Note that there is no partial crediting. If you're issuing and sending a credit note, it means you're crediting the whole invoice. Just like an invoice, you can send and then update a credit note.

Tip: After sending the credit note to E-conomic, hovering over "Credit note copied" allows you to update the credit note or create a new one.

Payments Sync

To enable the payments sync:

1) Navigate to Settings > App Marketplace > Visma e-conomic
2) Click the pencil icon to edit the integration

3) Toggle the "Synchronize payments from E-conomic to Productive" option on

With this on, if you mark an invoice as paid in Visma e-conomic, the status will also reflect in Productive.

Any payment edits or deletions made in Visma e-conomic will also be mirrored in Productive.

⚠️ The sync is 1-way (Visma e-conomic Productive), meaning that if an invoice is marked as paid in Productive, this change will not be taken into account in Visma e-conomic.

⚠️ The integration doesn't support syncing expenses generated in Productive!

Disconnecting Visma e-conomic From Productive

  1. Go to Settings > App Marketplace

  2. Click on the bin icon on your Visma e-conomic integration button

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