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Visma e-conomic Integration
Visma e-conomic Integration

If you're using e-conomic as your accounting tool, you can integrate it with a couple of clicks.

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This integration enables you to send invoices from Productive to your Visma e-conomic account.

Set up the integration

Go to Settings > App marketplace,

and select Visma e-conomic:

Then click on Connect app.

The first step is authentication - you will be prompted to add the app to your agreement:


After authenticating in Visma e-conomic, the user should then decide on integration settings (this is also done in Productive):

  • whether to copy invoice numbers from E-conomic to Productive or not
    By enabling this option, the draft number from E-conomic will be synced, and when the invoice is finalized, Productive will not get the finalized number from that invoice.
    By leaving the option disabled, invoice numbers will not be synced. Productive and E-conomic will have their own invoice numbers

  • additional export options

  • if payments are to be synchronized from E-conomic to Productive

๐Ÿ’ก Payment sync will be performed only if the invoice has been paid in full. If the payment was partial, there will be ne synchronization.

๐Ÿ’ก keep in mind the payment sync is not instantaneous it is done once a day at 9 am.

Click on Next and you will be able to select the default Visma e-conomic Product to map to all Productive service types.

Depending on your needs, you can also map some or all Productive service types to Visma e-conomic products by enabling Map service types.
For all service types that are not mapped, the default Visma e-conomic product will be used.

Copy an invoice into Visma e-conomic

After you have created an invoice, you can now copy it to Visma e-conomic:


You will now need to select the Customer, Layout, Payment term, and VAT Zone.

All the options listed will be the ones available from Visma e-conomic.

For example, you will need to select a customer by searching for the existing customer in Visma e-conomic.

If the customer does not exist in Visma e-conomic, you can create a new customer instead.

๐Ÿ’ก Note: Invoices are copied to Visma e-conomic with status set as Draft.
When you have selected all the options, a confirmation will be displayed indicating the invoice has been successfully copied to your Visma e-conomic account

Here is how the invoice will look in Visma e-conomic:


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