If you're using Time Off Approvals, you can define the person who will approve the request (or more people if needed) per each time off category.

After you've assigned a time off entitlement to a person, select the Approver icon to assign a person to approve the time off entry:

You can add more than one person as an approver:

If there are multiple approvers set up, then all of them will need to approve a request for it to appear as accepted.

Alternatively, a single person (Admin) can approve a request on behalf of other approvers. Click the approvers' portrait and the Approve request button:

You can also include additional people who will be notified that the time off request has been approved:

Check which people will approve the time off request, and who will be notified:

As always, when the request is approved, the time off booking will automatically appear in Scheduling.

If a time off category does not have an approver defined, all requests will be approved automatically:

The person requesting the approval will be notified that the event is approved automatically:

You can also define approvers for multiple categories at once:

Once you edit the approver(s) for one entitlement, you can choose if this will reflect to other ones as well:

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